Monthly Capture-The-Flag Solving and Cybersecurity Workshop

Atelier mensuel de résolution de Capture-The-Flag et de Cybersécurité

Third Wednesday of the month - Live streamed on Twitch
Troisième mercredi du mois - Diffusion en direct sur Twitch

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Références post-Montréhack

Problème: Plaid CTF 2012 recap

Such Hidden!


1) 3D,

The robots appear to be testing some kind of new camera technology but we haven’t quite figured it out yet. Understanding this imaging could be crucial to our understanding the enemy and winning the war.

2) Rpo,

Ok, so we think we intercepted some robot pr0n but we are not entirely sure. Can you help us decide what it is?

3) Stego,

We are a little unsure what the robots fascination with Star Trek is but it would seem from the amount of accesses this image has been getting that it holds something interesting for them. Can you figure out what it is?

Outils nécessaires:

Présenté par: Mathieu Lavoie

Créé par: Plaid CTF

Post-Montréhack references

Problem: Plaid CTF 2012 Stegano recap

Such Hidden!

Various steganography challenges presented at Plaid CTF 2012.

Needed Tools

Presented by: Mathieu Lavoie

Created by: Plaid CTF

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